How To Make Your Own Healthy Mounds Bars

My all time favorite candy bar is the Mounds bar. That sweet coconut covered in the thin layer of dark chocolate is th perfect combination. Of course the darn things are loaded with sugar so they aren’t good for you (I think they are mostly sugar with a little coconut mixed in) they sure do taste good though!

So, when I get a craving for a Mounds bar and I want to eat a little healthier I simply make my own with a real coconut and dark chocolate – its easy as anything and taste just as good plus you get the benefit of healthy fat from the coconut (as opposed to saturated fat from the candy bar), antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and all that good stuff.

Here’s what I do:

I take some fresh coconut meat from a real coconut (I usually have one on hand either whole that I can break open or pieces stored in the fridge.

Then I melt a little section of a dark chocolate bar – I use bars that have 80% cocoa because those are the ones with the most health benefits – the more cocoa the better they are for you so choose your bars wisely.

Be careful when you are melting it (I put mine in a little class bowl in the microwave) because you dont want it to burn.

Then simply take the coconut piece and dip it in the chocolate – take a knife and spread the chocolate around the coconut so it is coated just like a mounds bar.

The hard part is letting the chocolate harden before you eat it but I’ve found it taste even better if you can wait until it does!

Health Benefits Of Coconut:

Coconuts are rich in lauric acid which has powerful anitviral, antibacterial and antifuncal properties.
It’s loaded with “good fats” – medium chain triglycerides that don’t raise your cholesterol.
Loaded with Omega-6 fatty acids (very healthy and we dont get enough of them)
Lots of fiber
Coconut is a great source of Maganese and also includes iron, phosphorus and potassium as well as other nutrients in trace amounts
Coconut is rich in protein

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate:

Loaded with antioxidants
Loaded with Flavinoids
May help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow

Health Benefits of An Actual Mounds Bar:

None. Don’t kid yourself, these things are not good for you.

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